My athletic career started when I was a small child with Shotokan Karate. I then discovered Kendo, which I then had to stop due to work. However, I was always searching for a martial art more suited to my lifestyle. One day, I heard about a seminar on Aikido being held in Izmir, the city I live in, I decided to attend and learn more about this sport. This became the turning point of my life.
It was in 1998 when I started training in Aikido. My Instructor lived in Istanbul and he occasionally gave seminars in Izmir. It was during this period that I had the opportunity to learn from him. In time, my interest in Aikido grew though I was unable to find sufficient time to practice.
In addition, I have also benefited from Aikido in my business life. I owe most of my success in business to Aikido because it’s a great source of motivation for me.
I am the founder and President of the Aikido Organisation Association, in this association we are committed to bringing the teachings and harmony of Aikido to all the people of Turkey. To start this project we are currently teaching Aikido to people with disabilities at no charge, and we are looking to expand on this by building a centre for Japanese arts.
I am also the official Aikido trainer for the Turkish Air force and have been for many years. I am an accredited 3rd Dan (Sandan) 2nd grade (Kyu) trainer.
My previous work experience has included working with international companies performing administrative duties. Currently my only work is the teaching of Aikido, I am so happy for this opportunity to be with you and practice Aikido, and I would like to recommend Aikido to everyone and let them have the chance to live and see better life with Aikido.

Best Regards

Engin Ergin

Sandan (3 rd Dan)